Sunday, July 11, 2010

May Birthday Extravaganza

I didn't get this posted in May like I should've but I was just too busy, but we had so much fun in May with Jana's visit with the girls and then a trip to Southern California for Zach's and Elie's birthdays. Just love time with them. You can see the pictures on 2010-05-31 cuz we all know Every Picture Tells a Story Don't need I say more?

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From Sea to Shining Sea

Last month we took the road trip we call the America the Beautiful Tour with Thelma and Louise...aka Elie and Ava (with Ava's middle name Louise, that seems most appropriate). It was a great trip moving Jana and Ben from Seattle to Columbia, (actually Irmo) South Carolina, so literally from sea to shining sea.....or about an hour short of that actually. And we were able to see the land where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope actually play. It was absolutely beautiful. I kept waiting for a boring part that I could nap through or read a good book, but it never did get boring. It seemed we never had enough time to explore any spot we stopped at so we decided we'd have to return each summer to explore one of these areas we loved. Glacier Park is a definite must return to see and I wouldn't mind another trip through Montana and South Dakota. I really liked the stop at Custer's Last Stand and really got the feel of the battle on those rolling hills. It made me so glad we were there the day we were and not the 134 years earlier on the day that the battle happened. The weather was beautiful until we hit Iowa I think it was where all the sudden we pull in to stop one night after being in the nice air conditioned car all day and see the outside temperature on the car says 100 degrees and we figured it had to be broken, but as we stepped outside we about died. So hot and so humid. From then on, it was hot humid weather, crazy rain storms and thunder and lightening and even tornado watches in Illinois. One night we pulled into our hotel after the most drenching rain storm I've ever been fact I don't know how Dave and Ben made it through it cuz you couldn't even see the road. And the next day when we were in Nauvoo, we cut our visit a little short cuz there was thunder and lightning going on just fact there was this one huge clap of thunder that made me make a grab for Ava and Dave said he saw it strike on the ground just over the river and he could see all the colors in the bolt. We went on to Carthage to go to Carthage Jail and that was a real special visit as well. The storm was going on as the Sister Missionary gave us the tour so it really added to the experience of the jail and the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum. I really appreciated that stop as well. Ava was so sweet. The Sister Missionary was explaining how special it was for her to be there to give the tours and express her testimony every day in the room where the Prophet was martyred and she asked Ava if she had a testimony and Ava said, "No I don't have a testimony...(and then pause and then she said)......but I know my Mommy does". She got to stand next to the Sister in the room as well and she asked very good questions afterwards. We also made our way through Tennessee on the way and went through the Smokey Mountains. They were really nice but you had to go through this hokey section that should've taken only a half hour to drive through but cuz of all of the red stop lights at every intersection, it took 1 1/2 hours. But we did get to the Smokey Mountains eventually which were a lot like the drive between Willits and Fort Bragg but just with more rain and fog...and at the end of this was the great adventure of Maggie Valley and everything in the town was called Maggie something...Maggie Cafe, Maggie Crafts., etc. Then we pushed as hard as we could to make up for lost time and get into Irmo cuz we were SOOOO tired of driving. Thanks you Jana and Ben for being patient with me on that last bit so I could say I saw the Smokey Mountains and Maggie Valley. By the way, in defense of this detour, when I asked Ava what her favorite part of the whole trip was, it was this section she mentioned with the upside down hotel and the dragon coming out of the there you are.

Jana and Ben are in a beautiful place and I think they'll really like it once they're all settled in. It seems like they're already making good of whom even took Jana to Twilight opening day so how cool is that. They live in a beautiful house that is only lacking a white picket fence, that is in a beautiful neighborhood that has a great running loop in it, and there is any and every store close by to make life comfortable...well the Costco is supposed to be coming soon. I'll be anxious for our next visit there where we can just go and enjoy it all and not have to unpack boxes and switch lights and mow lawns...not that there was anything wrong with that. Any time we're with our kids and grandkids is a great time for us. Here are some pictures from our great adventure....don't feel you have to go through them all but enjoy what you do look at. The album is South Carolina or Bust

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Knock, Knock...Who's There???

For the last couple of years, every spring at nesting season we've had this little bird come to our bedroom window and start tapping on the window pane at the break of dawn...usually about 5:30 or 6 a.m. In the past he has tapped on the window just a few times and then gone on his way. It may disturb our early morning sleep but nothing major cuz we tend to just doze right back off. We've always thought that the early morning sun caused a reflection in the glass that made him think that another male bird was trying to invade his turf and he was pecking at him. Well this year either this bird is getting old and all winter has thought about this invading male and how he was going to smoke his shorts this year, or Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest has produced a hybrid dominant male that is crazy persistent, but this little guy has been starting his early morning tapping at the good ol' 5:30 time and taps for about a minute, then flies into the tree for a minute and then comes back and taps for another minute, etc., etc., etc. And he doesn't give up after the sun comes up....he does it ALL DAY LONG!!! A warning now to all animal not read on.....but Dave has even gotten out the pellet gun, taken off the screen and has laid in wait for this little guy but he is smart and has eluded Davey Crockett Beasley so far. I'll just say, Dave has admitted that he has fallen asleep with his chin resting on the dresser and the pellet gun cocked and aimed out the window and is startled awake by this little guy's next set of tappings. No wonder he misses. I just don't know how much longer this little guy will last though. We have had a slight reprieve from him in the last two days cuz the early morning storms have been blustery enough, he hasn't come around quite as early, but this was him about mid-morning today....and I hear the weather report is expecting clear skies on the horizon. So the next 5:30 a.m. awakening may be his last....I don't care how cute he is.
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grandma Withdrawals

Dear Zach.....I'm missing you BIG guy. Can you ask your mom to blog me some of your new adventures....and include your sister too please. Thank you......Love you Grandma
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Honey 9-1-1

I have found that part of a grandmother's job description includes 9-1-1 service. I got a call the other day and the sweet angelic voice of little Ava was on the other end saying "Honey, some mean man is trying to steal my mommie's money." I instantly had the picture of my firstborn who took the use of forceps to be born, who I nurtured and prayed for and cried over, was lying in some gutter with her purse ripped from her arm and an open gashing wound to her forehead...and her dear sweet Ava calling her Honey to solve this dilemma. Thank goodness for Ava's calmness because it kept me from flipping out. So I asked her how is the mean man steeling your mommie's money, to which she replied in a way that reeked with How ignorant are you?...but she politely stated, "With a pen write on the paper". Well then Jana got on the phone and explained how some crazy guy in Houston has somehow made up some official looking checks and is writing bad checks throughout the greater State of Texas using Ben's name and info. Now not to lighten up the seriousness and hassle this causes in their life, I cannot say how grateful I was that Jana and her pocket book were all in one piece....and I learned I don't think I could ever handle the stress of being a 9-1-1 operator. But for now I do hope this all gets settled soon...If you own a business in Texas, please do not accept a check from anyone claiming to be our Ben; you're upsetting our Ava.

Monday, February 15, 2010

This One's for You Dana....May you be part of this choir some day.

You Tube took this beautiful video off for some reason so you'll have to put on your CD I sent you of Andrea Bocelli with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing "The Lord's Prayer" together for the inspiration behind this post.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ben: Your girls are alive and doing well

Ben has been nice enough to let us borrow his sweet girls for a little over a week. Ben, I just want to send you proof that they are alive and doing well and seem for all intents and purposes to be having a good time. One of the first things Ava wanted to do was to take a ride on Wall-E because she said you told her to be sure to. Unfortunately I couldn't manage Ava, Wall-E AND the camera to get a picture, but I assure you, it did happen and Ava says that Wall-E was CRAZY!!. But we have had lots of fun, gone to Caper Acres, gone for walks, thrown rocks in lakes ("puddles"). swung, slid and spring rode, taken baths, read books, got all inked up with stamp pictures, taken more baths, watched UP and ate popcorn, visited Granny Beasley, been to Burger Hut, had a play date with Dominique and the week is still young. I hear Papa has the quadrunner running...quick girls, lets get our shoes on and go see!!!! to follow.